As a Painter, of acrylic & mixed media

I am moved by anything old, worn, wrinkled or frayed; weathered walls, old
paint and uninhabitable spaces that suggest the passage of time. I am inspirited
by the texture, flow and artistry to be discovered in yards of natural linen, silk
or tulle fashioned into cascades of skirting. These are the images that inspire
my acrylic abstract and mixed media paintings. Watered, penciled, textured-
layer upon layer-ultimately creating a tactile experience. The beauty of
imperfection, the suggestion of an idea; this is what sparks my creativity and
will hopefully move you, the viewer, and evoke an emotional response.


 As a Sculptor of bronze renderings & interpretation

  Never knowing what will inspire or where the impulse will strike, pencil and
paper are my constant companions. Each piece begins slowly… a gesture, a
graceful hand, the drape of a cloth. The initial sketch is the seed for each new
piece. My sketchbooks are filled with these renderings, many of which have
been or will be translated into clay and subsequent bronze “portraits”. These
portraits are my interpretation of life. Weeks, months or even years are spent
studying and refining each piece. My goal is to achieve a grace, flow and warmth
that will touch the viewer. I am a minimalist, in my life and my work. I find
details distracting and therefore prefer to eliminate detail not contributing to
the overall feeling of a piece.